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Thursday, 08 May 2014 08:43 mmoraw
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ARGO is a Steampunk-influenced Free to play, hybrid MMO Role-Playing Game, set in the 23rd Century after Earth witnessed its 4th World War.

Join the battle between the Noblians and Floresslah already, promising a bright future for Argo. The fresh new start for steampunk-influenced Argo brings in rebalanced classes and skills, launching players into incredible PvP and PvE battles.

About Argo: Set in the 23rd century after a devastating world war, two factions remain on the shattered earth, fighting for world domination! Argo, by Korean developer Mgame, pits steampunk against nature in epic battles and sieges.

Argo features:

- A unique optional third-person shooter mode, allowing for fast, fluid, dynamic combat with smart-casting skills – play the game the way you want to!

- Steampunk-influenced armour, weapons and mounts, for a truly unique world

- Castle War Siege system

- Guild housing

- 16 classes to choose from

- And much more!




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