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Lost Saga
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Lost Saga is a Free to play fast-paced Action MMO Brawler Game where mythical and legendary heroes collide in an all-out-fight.

Lost Saga is an action-packed online fighting game featuring a huge collection of heroes inspired by fantasy, science-fiction and history, all coming to life in an all-out brawl for the ages! Up to 16 players can battle it out with their friends and foes across multiple maps, various game modes, guild battles and more. With 28 customizable heroes to choose from and over 100 new heroes planned, Lost Saga will always have something new and exciting to offer players.

Battles in Lost Saga come in all sizes and types. Prisoner Mode, Team Death Mode, Crusade Mode, Boss Raid Mode, and so many varieties will challenge players for every fight. An innovative character-swap system lets players switch out characters in the middle of a fight to change tactics and bash out massive combos. Bonus excitement is offered when winning players pick up their enemies' armor and weapons, and use them as their own. You can combine a variety of gear to create your own ultimate Hero, mix and match different Helms, Armor, and Trinkets to customize your Hero to have its own unique set of skills.




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