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Black Prophecy
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Black Prophecy is a Space Combat MMO game.

Black Prophecy is settled about 550 years in the future.The inspiration for Black Prophecy were the classic 1980s sci-fi movies, where models were created by hand up to the last detail.

The Black Prophecy universe should showcase a realistic but concurrently unreal environment. Amongst others, this was realized by the use of strong colors that you usually dont see in a space environment.To emphasize the impression of different distances within one system to the player, all planets, moons and stars have been created in various sizes. Particularly impressive are the orbital views.

The ships in Black Prophecy, capital ships or small fighter, rarely have really flat, clear and curved surfaces and remind of the classic Star Destroyer.The erratic surfaces make you curious to learn more about it and give the impression of a functional system. Important elements at the right places, e.g. reactors at the stern of a ship support these impressions. In addition to this, ships and stations are built modularly.

The gameplay is fast-paced space combat with interesting battles against NPC or real players and is more action-oriented than a traditional space simulation avoiding long travel times or other activities where the player isn’t really doing anything.

Overall is a very good game with many innovations that deserved to be played and uses the latest in graphics technology to produce breathtaking visuals.


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