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Gods Rising
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Gods Rising is a 2D Free to play side-scrolling, Browser Based (BB) Role Playing MMO Game (RPG) based on the Greek mythology.

Gods Rising is a 2D side-scrolling browser-based RPG based on the Greek mythology. Selecting a class from Warrior, Archer or Mage, players can act as the youngest son of the Creator. As the story unfolds, they will aid Zeus to overthrow the tyranny of his father. In Gods Rising, players are able to enjoy abundant thrilling gameplay and features.

Arena is available at early stage from which players can challenge others and seize higher ranks. A challenger can defeat and replace his opponent, or his rank stays the same. All participants in Arena can randomly receive rewards from the system. In addition, the Rob system allows players to plunder others. If the reward-winning player is defeated, the winner takes the reward. Of course, challengers will also lose some rewards if they fail.







0 #1 Addriano 2014-05-28 04:10
Seems to be a good game to play. Thanks for sharing your review about this game. I would also like to add an review about a game called rage of 3 kingdoms. Its a good online game to play.

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