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Shikihime Garden
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Shikihime Garden is a Browser Based BB, Free to play Card Game with turn-based gameplay.

Shikihime Garden is an interesting combination of simulation and card-based gameplay which was first developed and published by Appirits Inc. in Japan in February 2013 and since then gained certain popularity and positive feedbacks. Lately Appirits Inc. has launched the game’s English version for international gaming communities of browser-based games. Shikihime Garden is a well-mixed game of turn-based card combat adjusted with much simplicity and pleasant simulation gameplay with typical exploration and quests of online games. Collect rare Shikihime cards, decorate garden, subjugate monsters, team up with friends are some of the most notable features of the game. Shikihime Garden’s gameplay may be split into 2 modes as below.

In card mode, players are able to build decks using a variety of Shikihime cards and monster cards to defeat fierce enemies to obtain valuable items as well as to extend the world map. Each battle takes place with a pre-selected card deck and is controlled by the game system automatically. That means players’ cards will act by themselves to fight enemies or heal teammates according to their attributes and special abilities. But players still can swap cards during combat to save low-HP cards or change tactics flexibly. Besides, each card has its own popular RPG stats like Strength, Defense, Agility and special skills that will be gained through battles for card combination.

In simulation mode, Shikihime Garden looks like a variant of gardening game which is popular on social networks like Farmville on Facebook platform. Players can decorate their garden with various objects to make it a comfortable place for Shikihime to rest, relax and train for upcoming battles. Depending on certain conditions, Shikihime can have different activities in the garden like walking, talking (via emoticons), eating rice balls, having medicine or practicing battle skills. Some decorations are not just for decoration purposes but they can even boost stats of players’ cards when confronting enemies.




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