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Faxion Online
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Faxion is a fantasy RPG MMO game with action-paced PVP.

Players will be able to join the side of Good or Evil in the struggle for control over various regions, each named after one of the seven deadly sins.

Fight on the side of Heaven or Hell in the epic struggle between Good and Evil, non-grinding gameplay and territory control in the epic war between the opposite sides, players will ultimately regain the control over the Limbo territory that exists between them.

You will have the choice to create the character you envision with total control over your character’s skills, attributes and equipment. Faxion doesn’t make you select a simple class or role to play, but gives you the ability to multiclass across all classes offered for your faction. Lifting the bonds and shackles of traditional RPG class systems, the limit is your creativity, not the game.

Faxion is designed to alleviate you from the burden most MMORPGs present. No longer will an MMORPG demand you devote untold hours in the dark (unless you choose to!). Take a vacation, have dinner with the family or go see a concert all while advancing your characters ability offline. Faxion delivers an offline ability queue system that will allow you to continue your character’s growth while enjoying what else life has to offer.When you log into Faxion, it's to play and enjoy a game, not a second job.



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