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Soldier Front
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Soldier Front is a arcade FPS MMO game. Soldier Front consists of three main forms of battle, and a single form of training.There are four main ways to battle it out in Team Death Match.
You have your Blast Operations, which will be shown as (B) at the end of the map title. In these maps, the red team must destroy and objective with a bomb. The trick is that there are two bomb spots, and the red team always starts quite far away.You have your capture operations (C), where you must obtain an item as the red team and then rush it to your base. This one is simple - providing you don't get shot on the way home.

Flee operations (F) consist of running to the end of the map and attempting to hit a specific point to save your back end. However, your back end will always be revealed to the blue team, so watch out when you're trying to get away!
Dual Operations (D) are the only ones where the blue team must also obtain the objective. One item will be in the centre of the map - Equal distance walk from both teams. It is the objective that both teams must collect and then return to their opponents base with the item. This is not the only way to win - Kill them all, and you are going to get the item anyway.


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