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My Free Zoo
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My Free Zoo is a Browser Based (BB) Free to play, zoo-simulation Game.

Since its release, My Free Zoo , not even two years ago, more than 100 animals have been added to the zoo simulator. Among these are several extraordinary specimen, such as the white lion or the Western Crowned Pigeon. Almost weekly, new animals and new features are implemented into the game. Besides the possibility to breed animals, organizations have been introduced to the game. In these organizations, the players can help out their fellow organization members in their virtual zoos as veterinarians, mechanics, shippers and as environmental officers.

On My Free Zoo , players are able to realize their dream of having their very own zoo: as young zoo directors, they create a true paradise for more than 4 dozen partially quite exotic animal species. To help them achieve their goal, the game offers practically countless options of designing and decorating their zoos. Thanks to a real-time task-system, players won’t experience even one second of boredom on My Free Zoo, as their animals ask for lots of loving care, the multitude of plants need regular watering and of course the zoo visitors have to be satisfied also.

Apart from these terrific features, My Free Zoo also contains an innovative trading card system for enclosures, animals, plants and zoo equipment. While this unique system allows players to buy item-cards and thus animals, plants, etc., the traditional way, via the in-game shop, it also enables them to gain in-game items by collecting card-pieces. Pieces of item-cards are gathered through various activities and achievements on My Free Zoo and can be traded in once all the missing pieces have been put together. To complete and gain specific items faster, My Free Zoo also allows its players to swap card-pieces amongst each other.




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