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Year 0
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Year 0 is a Free to play, Post Apocalyptic themed, Browser-Based (BB) Multiplayer, strategy Online Game.

Year 0, a Post Apocalyptic themed, browser-based, multiplayer, strategy game, where players will battle for survival and to mould the new world in their image. Not only do they need to scavenge for food and material to rebuild their world, they must also form alliances and fight the other survivors for scarce resources and territory.

Year 0 is a multi player strategy game that uses the latest HTML5 technology to allow use on any internet browser equipped device, be it PC or Kindle.

Core Game Features: - Multi-player strategy gaming against other real peopl, - Help your friends out with the Ally feature, - Build your own army and recruit troops, - Engage in strategic game play to take control of territories, - Construct buildings and traps to defeat the enemy and enhance your territories, - Scavenge for units and upgrades.

Year 0 will be a very different experience compared to most social games. Most social and mobile apps are light, cute, targeted at women, non competitive and impossible to lose. Year 0 is deliberately dark, gritty, targeted at core gamers and highly competitive.




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