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Holy Blade Online
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Holy Blade is the first Free to Play, self-developed 2D Role Playing MMO Game brought by PopPace.

Holy Blade Online is embracing a fantastic theme that includes deities and devils, a massive MMORPG that will take advantage of a cutting-edge game engine. It offers players a chance to enjoy tons of fun brought by the gameplay of a series of abundant systems, such as Guild system, Pet system, Mount system, Fashion system, Equipment Modification system, Dungeon system, Battlefield system, and so on.

One feature in the game that constellation enthusiasts will find intriguing will be the abundant Astrolabe system. Each of 12 constellations stands for one of players’ attributes. Players may receive Constellation Maps from clearing dungeons or defeating monsters. After they unlock a constellation, they can consume Belief Points to study it. Players can complete studying the first layer of 3 constellations of the same school to unlock a Protoss. When they continue to complete studying the second layer of 3 constellations of the same school, they can unlock an Angel (shown as a pair of wings in game). Each Angel can upgrade to level 12. Each time an Angel upgrades, its stats will be increased and its appearance will change as well.




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