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Suburbia is a Free to play, Facebook, Social, life simulation Multiplayer Game.

Build your dream home and uncover the story in Libertine Heights. If you always wanted some spicy action in a life simulation game, you have come to the right place…or suburb. True to our nature, we took a classic and we added something new and fresh, something that hasn’t been done before. Set in Libertine Heights, Lakeview, Suburbia let's you build the house you know you deserve, and get acquainted with the neighbors. But, beware, not everything is safe and sound behind those picket fences. Customize your avatar to go undercover, or dress up for success in your new career.

Find out who is friend and who is foe. Decipher threatening letters, find yourself digging up a neighbor's garden, and then invite your friends over to your Jacuzzi. Are you ready to be part of the secrets and mysteries of Libertine Heights? Try Suburbia now, and experience a simulation game with all the drama of a TV series!




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