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Major League Wizardry - MLW
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Major League Wizardry (MLW) is a cross-platform Free to play, Multiplayer Trading Card Game (TCG) featuring animated monster cards and turn-based gameplay.

Major League Wizardry (MLW) is a Trading Card Game (TCG) where you as the wizard in charge of your team will have to use a ton of spell-flinging, a lot of trap arming and even more monster attacking (and you can totally drain your monsters for mana as well!). In Major League Wizardry (MLW) wizards are regarded as sports-stars with cheerleaders, fan clubs, greedy managers and unfair sponsorship deals. While climbing the league ranks, you unlock new cards, level up your monsters and expand your card pool to improve your deck.


1. Execute your moves with puzzle-like precision

2. Hidden epic combos when cards are played in the right combination

3. Leveling and training cards in between battles

4. Fast-paced and fun gameplay

5. Animated monster cards

6. In-app purchases of booster packs

7. Cross-platform – iOS, Android and PC/Mac

8. Real cards to be added in the near future!

A big part of playing Major League Wizardry is collecting the cards. Choose your school, build your deck and trade with your friends. Major League Wizardry offers many ways to get new cards for your deck. Each card has its own animated character! Play the card and watch it come to life in the arena. Defeat the enemy wizards by bringing monsters, spells and traps into the arena in the strategic and turn-based game of Major League Wizardry. Play against random opponents or challenge your friends.




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