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Age of Civilization
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Age of Civilization is a Browser Based, Free to play Role-Playing MMO Game set in, A.D 500, the legendary dark ages.

In A.D 500, as the revival of Seth, the entire European continent entered the legendary dark ages. In Age of Civilization , players will take on a role of a lord, leading his people and army to fight against the dark forces. Through many trials and dungeons, player finally collects all the Time Shards and defeat Seth and the dark forces behind him.

Age of Civilization is set in the middle age of Europe, loosely based on the European history and myth. The game has covered nearly all the epic battles in the Roman Empire. With bright and cute game interface, dazzling visuals based on its use of the 3D rendering and special systems this game will surely amuse you. To satisfy players’ demand, the game also adopted the battle array and hero selection functions. Players can recruit famous characters as their partners to form a unique combat squad. To prove your power, you can challenge other players or factions.

Free Hero unlocks at Lv.20, players will be given 9 chances to turn over the cards every day and 9 chances to change cards after turning over a card, also, players will be rewarded with resources and Card Debris. The more debris you have, the better rewards you will get. Card Debris can be redeemed for the monthly free purple hero. If you are lack of Card Debris, you can use Gold to redeem.

Dungeon is available at Lv.24, and can be challenged for unlimited times. The floor challenged cannot be challenged. When players pass the last stage on the floor can challenge next floor and get better rewards. Normal players can free reset it once per day. When players reset the stage 1 of floor 1, the floors challenged can be automatically challenged. VIP players can get extra purchase chances based on the VIP level. Challenging the dungeon can net you a chance to get hero runes, boosting each hero’s basic attributes.





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