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GunZ 2 : The Second Duel
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GunZ 2 is a Free to play, Third Person, Action Shooter MMO Game where you will fight not only with guns.

GunZ 2 : The Second Duel is an action-packed online game, in which two factions of valiant warriors clash: the Axium Empire and the Republic of Travia. Get ready for exciting combat in elaborately designed environments, where fighters rely on stunning acrobatics and spectacular stunts as well as lead bullets. With additionally enhanced controls, amazing real-time physics and thrilling boss battles, GunZ 2 : The Second Duel is bound to set a new benchmark for its genre. Amazing visuals for every hardware spec: GunZ 2’s own RealSpace 3.0 Engine realizes detailed visuals even for low spec machines.

The environment is your ally! Seamlessly incorporate your surroundings into your movement for off-the-wall moves. Run up walls and strike down hard to destroy your enemies. Turn friends into enemies in frantic PvP modes or team up to fight the malicious Adam Corporation in a cooperative campaign mode. Find the right strategy to defeat a continuously growing array of powerful bosses.

Three different character classes with unique gameplay and handling: Be an impenetrable wall as the Shield Trooper, let a hail of bullets (and grenades!) shower down upon your enemies as the Gunslinger or attack so quickly that your foes won’t even know what hit them as the Silent Avenger. This cast of playable characters will continuously be expanded to offer new gameplay challenges to dedicated players.






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