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Herokon Online
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Herokon Online is a Free to Play, Browser, Role Playing MMO Game taking place 'Aventuria' world, a 'Fantastical realism' world, where magic is nothing special.

In Herokon Online, you assume the role of the protagonist so you are free to decide how you would like them to act. You start experiencing the adventures which up to now you could only watch or read about - no more looking on helplessly. Exploring ruins, fighting monsters, and solving complicated criminal cases, all the things you've always dreamt of now become real.

A role-playing game needs a world to take place in, a world in which heroes can interact in many different ways, you can talk to the inhabitants and experience the peculiarities of different regions, a world in which you can become famous and change the destinies of entire empires with the deeds you perform. Without this world, a role-playing game is just a bunch of disjointed encounters, or in the worst case a sequence of battles and looted treasure.

Aventuria is a magical world - though only one in 150 Aventurians is born with magical abilities, even the humblest peasant knows that there are powerful magicians, wise witches, and eccentric druids. By the same token, it is common knowledge that you don't necessarily die of a mortal wound as long as there is magical aid available, that there are flying carpets in Tulamidia, and that all elves have the gift of magic.

In the free browser role-playing game Herokon Online, combat plays out in real time, at any time you can choose which special ability to apply, which enemy to cast a spell at, who to fight, and when to heal yourself. You can even change your equipment whenever you want. You can react to a changing situation at once. For example, you might want to apply an antidote if you've been poisoned. If in the thick of battle you encounter a particularly strong enemy, either dispatch him first or keep him at bay with a spell. At the successful conclusion of an engagement, dead enemies sometimes leave loot behind. Each party member may pick their rewards from the spoils.

Since Herokon Online is based on the "The Dark Eye" role-playing game system in which employing talents to accomplish tasks is an important aspect, there naturally are non-combat talents as well. Of course these talents not only serve you well in Aventurian day-to-day life, but they also open up different ways of solving a quest and may even grant you access to hidden content.











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