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Aero War

Aero War

Tuesday, 07 January 2014 10:33 mmoraw
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Aero War is a Browser Based (BB) Free to play, Strategy MMO Game.

Aero War is a free-to-play game in Star Wars genre based on the epic war among 3 interstellar races. You can play a role of yourself to finish challenges of one task and another. Besides, you may develop your star base and deploy your army force.

Each adventurer wants to own the latest and greatest equipments, there are three types of trading in Aero War Auction House, Exchange Store and Market. Auction house is where adventurer s can trade each other. You can consign your old equipments in the Auction House. And you also can browse and buy which item you want. If you are so clever and good fortune, you’ll buy something in low prize and sell it in high prize. You also could bargain with sellers. It does all depend on you. Exchange Store is where players trade with NPCs. You could use different currency to trade with different trader. These NPCs trade with you by honor. Honor can be got from defeating other adventurer. Market, Honor & Reputation traders stay there. Adventurers can trade with them.

In Aero War, there are many kinds of quests leading adventurers to explore the Masure Mainland.

Main quests will lead adventurers to explore every town or city, and make adventurers realize the core of Aero War world. With the main quests developing, the game's plot will show to everyone step by step. What truths are hidden in the Masure Mainland? Main quests will guide you to discover them.

Side quests will provide adventurers unprecedented richness. The side quests in Aldia Harbor will introduce some systems and features of the game. With the plot developing, more and more side quests will give you better rewards. Do you want quick level up? Do you want to put on better equipments? Don't give up these quests.

Reward quests are daily quests. You can receive the 10 times at most. Reward quests can be received in the Level 30 Planet: Terol Planet. Each time adventurers can receive only one rewards time. When you finish it, you can receive another one. The rewards of these quests are better than any other quests'. Reward quest's sign is a blue exclamation mark.

Alliance quests divide into killing monsters and collecting materials. When you join in an alliance, you can see them on the screen.

Explore is a good way to update players' level and get better items. After your level arrive 10, you may go to Explore and have a try. Each 10 level has a new Explore, so there are 10 Explores total in Aero War. Each explorer has 3 difficulties: normal, nightmare and hell. Players may choose the suitable level to have a try. Players can go to explorers 6 times one day at most. And there are monsters, bosses, chests and unknown inside it. You may encounter many interesting things there. Enter the explorers need explorer key. Each day system will give you 3 keys free. And if you want to enter more, you many spend golds to buy them. Everyone costs 10 gold. So if you want to level up quickly and get better equips, explorer is a good way to do it.





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